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Bye Bye Gifting, Hello Pay Day!

Updated: Apr 17, 2023


Is your inbox blowing up with offers for gifting campaigns with the expectation to have to post content in exchange? Want to be compensated for your time? Read on!

You’re now a well established page with a loyal following and a beauty arsenal that puts Sephora to shame…

The first question you need to ask yourself… Do I really need those products? NO! You can’t pay your utility bill with products, can you?

Brands will try to get free content because they mass message a ton of us and are always guaranteed a few that will do it for free. Some of them are brazen enough to offer a discount on their products or ask you to pay the shipping costs… um, hell no.

It’s time to turn a gifting collab, into a paid gig… let’s go!

Respond to them by thanking them for the opportunity but that you are only accepting paid collaborations at this time. Proceed to ask them if they have marketing budget allocated to this collaboration. If they do, it is time to send them your rates.

Some brands will agree to pay your fees while others have smaller budgets allocated and will try and negotiate. If they can’t meet your fees, offer them a smaller post (ie. non-dedicated or perhaps a story) to meet their limited budget. Always be flexible and willing to negotiate a deal that is fair to both parties.

So for example if you charge 300$ for an in-feed post, offer them a 100$ story for 24 hours.

One thing I’ve learned along the way, have some form of written contract to ensure payment. Better yet, ask for payment before content goes live to avoid finding yourself chasing your money.

You may not always get a yes, but keep trying! It is a numbers game like anything else! The more you ask, the more pay days you will land. You would be surprised at how many brands who either said no or ghosted you come back weeks after the fact and are ready to pay for a collaboration!

Remember, do not sell yourself short, you are gold to brands!

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