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Life isn't perfect, but your hair can be

Updated: Apr 17

Anyone who has had a great hair day knows of its unique power. It’s linked to confidence and lets you face the world knowing that, if nothing else, you've got your hair handled!

Healthy and shiny hair is always the ultimate goal. However, while you're styling you might be causing a ton of damage. Something as innocent as putting your hair in a ponytail can result in frizzy, rundown locks. While you're styling your hair, you want to be aware of these hair tools that can lead to major hair breakage.

Hair brushes

Yes, that's right. Something as simple as a hairbrush can be extremely damaging, especially if you are using it on wet hair. Hair is at its weakest when wet, so brushing it leads to breakage and split ends. You can avoid damaging your hair by combing your wet hair with your fingers or with a wide tooth comb. You can also invest in a brush made specifically for brushing wet hair which is designed to detangle hair without breaking strands.


Hard to believe these tools have actually popped up again when they should have stayed in the 80's. Not only is crimped hair a cringe worthy look, But it is terrible for your hair. The process of clamping a section of your hair between the heated metal plates completely destroys it.

Wet to Dry Hair Irons

Not too sure who ever thought this was a good idea... Hair is at its weakest when it is wet. Although the concept is very tempting, avoid wet to dry hair irons at all costs. They basically boil your hair and leave you with a steamy frizzy mess.


Admittedly, I am guilty of this one. Wearing your hair in a ponytail every once in a while is fine, but wearing a ponytail every day will destroy your hair. A ponytail puts consistent pressure on the same place which can weaken your hair and prevent growth. To avoid this, switch out the placement of your ponytail and try to avoid tight ones.

Heat Tools

The biggest culprit when it comes to hair damage. The longer your hair is exposed to heat, the more damaged it will become. Try to limit your use of heat tools. Let your hair air dry and be sure to use a heat protect and when you do use tools. Never hold the heat tool on the same section of hair for too long. Constantly keep the heat tool moving and don't use the highest heating setting.

Hair Woes and How to Deal With Them


When strands are brittle, and curls don't bounce like they used to. It means hair is craving extra moisture. Turn to deep conditioners, masks, and treatments to deliver a good dose of hydration.


Split ends and breakage are caused by everything from heat and chemicals to UV rays and pollution. It is easy to repair your hair and protect it against heat and future damage with leave in masks & treatments that nurture from root to tip.

Scalp Health

When the scalps microbiome is unbalanced you will notice flakes, dryness, itching and this is due to excessive buildup of products. This causes hair to break easy, you will experience a lot of shedding and your hairs texture is affected. Stress, pollution and unhealthy eating habits are common causes. The biggest culprit is built up around the follicles which is caused by the overuse of hair and scalp products like dry shampoo, heavy oils and sprays.

You can get rid of build-up with a scalp detox and then target concerns like dryness and itchiness with further treatments and supplements.


Frizzy locks happens when hair is thirsty for moisture. Smooth and define strands using hydrating oils, masks, leave-ins, and conditioners.

Color Care

Using the wrong products on color treated hair can cause issues like fading, brassiness and dryness. Make sure to choose hair care products that are suitable to your hair type/color. Get rid of bassinets with purple shampoos and protect that color with specific conditioners and treatments.

If all of the above fails, remember... the solution to a bad hair day is to wear a low cut top

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