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The art of perfume.

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Choosing the right perfume for yourself can be quite the task. With so many different brands and scents, it's easy to just give up and pick one without very much thought. Doing your research before you head out to shop will help you narrow down your choices. That way when you go shopping you can stay on task and compare perfumes making an informed decision that wont end in buyers remorse.

Here are some things to consider: #1 Commit to a Budget Perfume is a luxury item and its cost can vary significantly. Some perfumes are under 20 dollars, while others cost 100's or even 1000's of dollars. Before you head out, decide how much money you want to invest in a perfume.

#2 Choose a Scent Concentration. Perfumes are labelled differently depending on their lasting power. More often than not, the most expensive perfumes are the ones that last longest, while more affordable perfumes don't have as much staying power. This is typically listed on the front label. Eau de cologne has the lowest concentration, lasting approximately 2 hours. It is 3-5% oil in a mixture of water and alcohol. Eau de toilette is a mildly more concentrated type of perfume and will last 3-4 hours. It is about 4-8% oil.

Eau de parfum has a higher oil concentration than the previous two and lasts around 6 hours. It is 15-18% oil mixed with alcohol. The perfume with the highest concentration is called perfume or parfum. It has a great staying power and will last all day long. It is 15-30% oil mixed with alcohol. The number one thing you should keep in mind when choosing a perfume or cologne is ingredients, since an allergy can definitely cause more grief than enjoyment.

#3 Narrow Down a Scent Family. Consider which scents you enjoy. Perfumes are divided into four scent categories even though several perfumes contain a subtle mix of scents. If you don't know what kind of scents you care for, don't worry: you can figure out what scent group you prefer when you are testing perfumes. Floral/Sweet perfumes smell like flowers. Common scents used in floral perfumes are rose, lavender, carnation & orange blossom. Floral perfumes are the most popular perfumes for women because of their sweet, feminine scent that most enjoy. Citrus/Fruity perfumes smell like fruits, particularly citrus fruits. Common tones are citrus fruits like orange, grapefruit and lime, but also other fruit like apricot, apple or peach. In general these scents are bright and refreshing. Oriental/Spicy perfumes smell musky and complex. Many of them contain tones of spices like star anise, cinnamon and vanilla. Woody/Chypre perfumes smell woody and earthy. Many contain scents like bergamot, oakmoss and patchouli.

#4 Don't be shy to ask others what kind of perfume they wear. If you catch a whiff of something you really like, ask the wearer what kind of perfume it is! You could find your new scent without even stepping into a store! #5 Space out your shopping. Don't try to find the perfect scent in one outing. The more scents you smell, the more your nose will desensitize to the smell of the perfume which makes it hard to try multiple perfumes. Because you'll want to smell a range of scents to make your decision, try to space out your shopping trips over a few days. #6 Don't wear scented products when going shopping. When you are shopping for your perfume, don't wear any scented products like body lotion, body sprays or even strongly scented deodorant. These scents can distract from the scent of the perfume.

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