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To Splurge or Not to Splurge? (Hint: Splurge!)

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Once upon a time we were broke college students that loved a good deal on makeup to help us achieve our favorite looks. Heck, I wasn't above grabbing a bargain brand at the Dollar Store! Times have changed and so has my financial situation along with overall awareness of what is quality and what is not.

The main reason to splurge on makeup products is quality. Big brands like Dior, Marc Jacobs, and Chanel did not develop their reputations as luxury makeup companies by putting out poor quality products.

Higher end makeup has more pigment, goes on more effortlessly and feels far better than what you can get at your local drugstore. Going all out doesn’t have to mean you have to purchase these luxury brands. There are some excellent high end makeup that is more reasonably priced. Better makeup products are packed with more pigment and go on easier. This is going to save you time! You won’t have to layer your eyeshadow so that it sticks. Equally, you won’t have to spend as much time blending out your foundation. With higher end products, it goes on evenly and smoothly the first application. Better quality makeup goes on with much less fuss so you can shave time off your entire routine.

With quality products things go on so well, it is possible you could save money over time. Higher quality makeup doesn't need to be retouched as often and since they are made so well, you don’t have to use as much the first application. A little dab of concealer, a quick swipe of eyeliner, and a small amount of foundation may be all that you need to create your beauty look with much less hassle. You will immediately notice the difference switching from drugstore makeup to higher end products. Higher quality products give a more natural look and blend with ease. It's not for no reason that these are priced higher. Test the waters by purchasing a high end product that you use religiously whether it be a foundation or lipstick. I can almost guarantee you will love the new one versus the old!

Another good reason to invest in better quality products is the health impacts. If you examine the labels of drug store cosmetics you will notice A LOT of harmful chemicals such as parabens, GMO's and phthalates to name but a few. Beware though, some high end brands still use these chemicals so do your homework. Most of them however do not and the others are shifting away opting for more natural and organic ingredients. These come with a premium price point, but you are worth it! Higher end products offer the benefit of addressing specific concerns or needs. Perhaps you are someone who is looking to fight the signs of aging, or have acne prone skin. Your average brand can't afford to invest in the R&D required to meet these niche markets. Drug store products are of the "cookie cutter" variety. They are a one size fits all for the average woman so it can be extremely difficult to fins products to address your specific needs. Luxury brands on the other hand have the necessary funds and reputation to do so.

Splurging on all your makeup products can be a hefty investment so start gradually. The next time you finish up one of your products swap it out for a higher end product that fits your respective budget. Ultra and Sephora are great places to shop and the staff is super helpful at making recommendations that meet your needs and your budget!

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