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Turn your Beauty into Bucks

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

You have a solid following and a loyal audience. You work countless hours on creating stunning content and engaging with your followers. Your fellow creators are posting paid ads and making bank. How do you get in on that?

If you are serious about turning your passion in to a lucrative source of income you need to have an awesome media kit to share with brands you want to work with! Right out of the gate this shows brands that you are professional and how serious you are about your work and what value you are bringing them.

A media kit is a great way to give brands a quick and visually appealing insight to what you and your page are all about. Think of it as a bulked up business card. This is where you can showcase the work that you have done and your achievements.

You want a media kit that represents you and your brand. This one tool will help you stand out in the realm of influencer marketing and help you outshine the competition. By not having one can actually cause you to miss out on potential partnerships and income. Whether you are big or small, a media kit is an absolute must. More and more brands are asking for this now so don’t wait until you get asked and are empty handed!

Not a graphic designer or don’t know where to start? No problem! Canva is a treasure trove for free media kit templates to get you started. They are fully customizable so that you can include your own personal touches like some of your images, favorite fonts and even a color palette. You can tailor it to fit your unique style that best represents you and your brand!

First thing you want to do is write up a short bio showcasing who you are, your interests and passions. Keep in mind that this needs to be a balance between and introduction and a business pitch. Make sure you add a headshot so that brands can put a face to a name. Be sure to include your social handles and email so that they know where to contact you.

Provide your insights so brands can get a snap shot of the quality of your page. Include follower count, monthly reach and engagement rate. You can grab this info on different sites, like Hypeauditor.

Share your demographics! This helps brands ensure that your audience fits their target audience (age, gender, location) You can find this valuable information in the Insights tab of your Instagram page.

List your services and your fees for each. Pro tip, create discounted bundle packages as well. Not only does it help you to use all of Instagram’s services, you are upselling your services and boosting your bottom line!

Not sure what to charge? After researching several sites the going rates vary from 10$ - 15$ per 1000 follows. So you have 8,000 followers, go in with 80$ - 120$ per post. Pro tip, go with the higher end to leave room for negotiations. This isn’t set in stone and you need to go with what makes it worth your while. Only you know how much your time is worth and what it translates to in dollars.

I recommend adding in a few previous collaborations where you get to flex some of your hard work.

And voila! You are on your way to your first pay day and many more! Remember, competition is fierce so you need to make sure you stand out from the pack and get noticed. You’ve got this!

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